Sarah Van Gogh

Therapy and Counselling in Plumstead SE18

A creative approach

“At a certain point in my life, I lost my way in a dark wood…”


Many great works of art give us insight into how universal it is to find there are times in life when we feel lost, when we come up against things we cannot deal with in our usual ways.

Working creatively with what causes us pain, or blocks us, or leaves us feeling overwhelmed, could simply mean talking about our experiences with a therapist who can listen and offer compassionate understanding.

My integrative training means I also offer opportunities to work with clients around dreams, drawing, free-writing exercises and other forms of self expression. Some people find it useful to do role plays in the sessions, or to explore the use of movement and voice. Others want to explore stillness, and find that breathing and reflecting exercises can be helpful in the exploration and managing of their problems.

I have described the ways that I work in my book, ‘Helping Male Survivors of Sexual Violation to Recover.’ (Jessica Kingsley Publishing 2018).

Click on the link below to read an article I wrote on the connection between poetry and therapy, that was published in ‘Therapy Today.’

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